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Introducing everyone's favorite nerd lord king

I am here too! Sorry I am late with the intro but I am Poshu and I am bringing Noctis to the porn table. 

He's a skittish little skinny disney princess so PLEASE feel FREE to flirt with him or fondle him or push him against a wall and do unspeakable things. Please oh please, do horrible things to this boy. I am cool with just about anything, ask me about specific permissions if you like. I don't like body fluid stuff but other than that it's good, and I mean everything else. Good. Go for it. 

Have fun with your little princess
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Hi Poshu!!! I'm Casey, one of the mods 'round here! If you have any questions, feel free to ask :} If you have Discord, please feel free to join us there!

Lookin' forward to playing against Noctis!
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Nah, it probably expired despite me telling it not to. Here: