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Kingdom Comes Mods ([personal profile] loveskulls) wrote in [community profile] kingdomcomesooc2017-07-10 08:45 am

Summer is Back! Let's Celebrate!

Now that the Snow Queen has been... placated, the whole kingdom is gearing up to celebrate! Though the festivities are only at their very spontaneous and modest beginnings, feel free to join in! Shed those layers, enjoy the sun on your face, and Outliers can have fun trying to handle leaky shacks and all that new snowmelt.

HOWEVER, later in the week, things will be kicking into full gear with a second full mingle and log! Prizes will be distributed among the participants, and the Mistress will be holding a compulsory celebration to show off her prize exotic foreigners from other worlds, all of whom worked so valiantly to end the winter.

And the biggest prize of all: characters will have a chance to interact with the Mistress directly!


As a moderator note, thank you all for sticking around while we transition things over!

Stay tuned, and in the meantime, happy threading!