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Yenh Quryoja ([personal profile] takenblack) wrote in [community profile] kingdomcomesooc2017-05-25 02:51 pm

+1 Noodle-Armed Champion of Good

Hi everyone!! I'm Casey, and I have brought in this dumb nerd who also happens to be the greatest hero of her generation. Though of course she doesn't have any of her demi-godly powers here, but her heart is still going to be in the right place. Her name is Yenh Quryoja, and she is the Warrior of Light (aka a malleable protagonist) from Final Fantasy XIV, the MMORPG.

Yenh is a kind, selfless, and dweeby godslayer with a heady set of complexes that have made her the embodiment of hope and adventure and Light and all that cool jazz. Most important of all, though, is that this iteration of the Warrior of Light is a catgirl.

She comes from the most recent content patch, "The Far Edge Of Fate," so she was gearing up to jump head-first into another danged war. Now she's plonking down in a little leaky hut and feeling very confused about her new lot in life.

This is her permissions, and you can add me on plurk if you want! I more lurk than post there lately, but hey.

Looking forward to playing with you all!!