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There are many reasons you could find yourself in the depths of the forest. Foraging, hunting, a task set by the mistress or rumors of a plant that grants unfathomable powers once consumed. Whatever the reason may be, you’re in the depths of it now. The flora and fauna seems quite similar to a normal, earth forest. Only it’s rich, green, filled with pastel flowers and leaves and barely touched by humanity. The forest giveth and taketh and the villagers know better than to take advantage of it, particularly when more sinister beings lie in the darker depths of it.

Like, y’know. Bears and shit.

The animals of the forest enjoy playing games with humans. They’ve figured out that the new batches of people don’t seem to realise they can talk, and they revel in starting conversations and stopping them as soon as they realise another human is approaching. They do this so you look mad, of course. They will lie, telling you that eating or drinking certain things within the forest can grant you awesome powers. More often than not, they’re doing it to watch you eat aphrodisiac flowers or drink normal water and act high and mighty.

Plants are also tricky. The mushrooms in the forest are said to taste delicious, like beef and chicken (and they go great in pasta). This information comes from villagers, but they tell you to pick fast and not to linger, because the mushrooms are sly.

What they don’t tell you is that the mushrooms talk too. Not only will they beg you to spare them, they can sense your deepest insecurities and share them with the world, chiming in unison about your deepest secrets loud enough to let everyone in the area hear.

Flowers can release fumes that addle the mind. You see visions of beautiful people and feel compelled to run into their arms, unaware that you’re making out with a tree or a bear. Others are less insidious, simply releasing pleasant fumes that make you want to spoon in the grass and cuddle for hours in the cold forest.

On the outskirts of the kingdom, there are rumors of several magical fountains hidden in mountains or forests. Whether you are sent by The Mistress or tasked to do it by rich diplomats for a hefty sum, you have good reason to find them.

One fountain is incredible to look at. The marble carving is ornate and detailed and took an impressive amount of dedication from the petals of each flower to the spirals that surround them. The water will make you absolutely irresistible to those around you. One sip will drive those around you absolutely mad for you. Whether it be a desperate urge to fuck or a desperate urge to sing you sonnets and kiss your feet, they will want you.

One fountain has beautiful, marble figures carved into it. It will change you into the opposite sex, but the finest form of the opposite sex. The height of beauty and body standards, but just enough like yourself that you are almost recognisable.

One fountain is pretty plain. What you see is what you get, but there’s something satisfying about the simplicity. It is, of course, impressively gold plated despite lacking carvings. It grants you not only the desire to fuck, but the power to be the absolute best at it. There is nobody you can’t please, and you can please for hours on end without becoming tired. You are driven to give pleasure to all of those around you, and when allowed, you will absolutely succeed.

The quest to find these fountains is extremely difficult and water is sparse in the areas. It will be almost impossible to resist a small sip, but even the smallest sip can provide nearly an hours worth of effects. There’s plenty of water for you to drink and still fill the vials you’ve been provided, but there’s plenty of reason to be distracted.

The Mistress frequently holds a ball, and everyone is always invited. Your outfit is not what you would have picked, really. In fact, you didn’t pick it at all. As soon as you walk through the door, the outfit you choose turns from modest to nearly non-existent. All clothing turns to lingerie or BDSM wear. Sensible pants are leather chaps, dresses are corsets, shoes are heeled and lace is nearly everywhere. The only thing you have to protect your dignity is a lovely, bedazzled mask.

The incense is strong as ever in Mistresses’ Ballroom. It has mild, aphrodisiac effects and seems to calm the nerves. Shot glasses of all colours line the tables, each which a little card in front of them with a vague title.

Red: Passion
(This one is simple, it grants you undeniable passion, lust and desire.)

Orange: Fierce
(Like Red, it offers lust but with a rough edge. It makes you want it, but it makes you want to give it or take it hard.)

Yellow: Sweet
(The kindest cocktail. It offers lust, but sweetly. It makes you want gentle kisses and soft touches.)

Green: Greed
(It sets your sights on more than one partner, possibly at once.)

Blue: Exhibition
(You don’t care where you are, anywhere will suffice. The more people who see, the better.)

Purple: Filthy
(This one encourages dirty talk. All of your words will become suggestive, all of your desires will slip out and some things you thought you’d never say are announced.)

Black: Kinky

(The most potent of all. This shot will cause you to want whips and chains. Dominance. Leather, even. Hope you’ve prepared a safeword.)

The drinks aren’t just on the tables, they’re passed around by scantily dressed waiters and waitresses and offered to you by fellow attendees. The effects are almost immediate, lasting roughly an hour depending on how many you ingest. They can, of course, be combined with other drinks for multiple effects.

The drinks and the drawers aren’t the only aspect of the party. The ballroom is beautiful and fearsome, the walls are decorated tastefully with the skulls of the Mistresses’ enemies. The theme seems to be blood and lust, almost everything is either black or red and the carvings and decorations all resemble skulls and bones. The music is enchanting and inspires rhythm in the worst dancers. This entire night is orchestrated to be an incredible, sexy spectacle for the Mistress and everyone here is merely a humble instrument to her visions.

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Whether you're an Apprentice, a Guard or one the free, liberated and extremely poor Outliers, it's always fun to browse the markets. They begin early in the morning, when the air is crisp and the birds are singing and the sky is still pastel purples and pinks.

Soon, mighty stalls and banners are erected in the center of the village. What was once a bare circle of ground is now a bustling, circular shaped market. Perfect for wandering. Suddenly the coins in your pocket are starting to feel heavier and the scents and sounds lead to temptation.

Wondrous aromas may lead you to the bakery, where a woman entirely clad in leather BDSM is offering free "fuck cakes" specifically in "BDSM flavour". If she's not tempting enough, the smell certainly is. She'll look you up and down, ask if you're suuuure you want to try and possibly try to tempt you with another cake. Vanilla missionary sponge, maybe? Sugar daddy cakepops? Red bloodplay velvet? Maybe she nails your kink in one, maybe she misses it entirely. Maybe her insistence that you should stick to vanilla makes you try a chocolate donut (there's nothing weird about them, they're just donuts).

When you've sampled your treat, she waits a long moment before reminding you of the sign behind her that reads: "FUCK CAKES. CAKES THAT MAKE YOU WANT TO FUCK. WE KNOW. WE'RE WORKING ON A SLOGAN." There's a sign under it that reads: "HIRING: COPYWRITER."

Yes, indeed. Even a sample inspires the most intense urge to practice the alleged sexual act. The fantasy is gripping, it tingles down your spine and makes your belly ache with need. Whether you can resist is up to you. Whether you buy a whole slice is also up to you.

A feast followed by a dance followed by an orgy is a Tuesday evening for The Mistress. Commonplace. Dull. Even the horniest of diplomats had begun to find them quite bland. That is, until the promise of new, exciting guests from worlds and universes you've never heard of had become more than just rumors. How droll! How quaint!

The diplomats are excited by anything new, and so the gifts flood in. Everyone has been provided with a new outfit for the dance, and everyone believes it is a dance. Your outfits are revealing, but luxurious and beautiful and suspiciously well fitted. You're told that you can expect all eyes on you, you're told that the feast and dance will be quite an occasion, you haven't been told an orgy will begin.

The signs are subtle. The incense is muskier, the lights are dimmed. You look to your right, a woman is shirtless. You look to your left, people are making out. Suddenly there's hand stuff. Suddenly it's like they aren't even trying to hide it anymore.

You can join in. You can stay frozen in the spot. You can slink outside and get some air. Nobody is holding you anywhere (but they'd like to).

You've managed to piss a wizard off. Whether it was a mistake in the marketplace or an ill encounter in the forests, you've gone and done it. They've transformed you into something. A frog, a goat, WWE Champion The Undertaker. Whatever. You think it was unjustified, but at least you can still talk.

When the wizard departs, they do so with a cackle and a mutter. "Good luck finding someone to kiss you now" they say, and you can only assume this means they've put a curse on you that will be broken by a kiss. Luckily for you, it isn't true love's first kiss or you'd be boned.

Now it's up to you to wander into town, get someone to listen to you and convince them to kiss you. You have ten hours until it's permanent, good luck.

Get creative! Take a look at the info pages and make something up! The mods are here with notepads, waiting to steal your ideas.


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