+1 roman bigender bisexual disaster

Everyone, batten down the hatches and clench those cheeks, because Emperor Nero has arrived.

i'm sorry for the pictures )

Oh yeah, I guess I also need to introduce myself here??? I'm Kari, I should really be working right about now, and you can find me at Karijou#2319 (discord) or [plurk.com profile] karijou. Feel free to add or message for any reason, I'm almost always around.

Hope to see you guys soon, and - more than that - I hope you have fun playing with this overdramatic moron!
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The Kingdom In October:

As September drew to a close, the transformation effects from the tainted water began to fade, person by person. It lasted longer for some than others, and even into October you may still happen upon the occasional hit of the potion’s effects. But, largely, the water has become completely safe to drink again. The wizard is still at large.

Incidentally, a lot of those who didn’t get hit by the Monster Transformation Event chalk it up to beer, which they claimed while drinking the beer, and completed drinking the beer long after the water is declared safe. Maybe the tavern wasn’t the best place to point out as an example of people escaping becoming fuckbears or whatever. ANYWAY-

October is here! The Kingdom doesn’t have Halloween, of course. That would be silly! But it does host a legion of religious faiths and cults with their own major holidays, many of which just happen to have a spooky tone. Not all of them, of course. Plenty are actually wholesome harvest festivals with a wholesome amount of fucking (ie: behind a haystack after a good round of dancing) or are ritualized excuses for convoluted orgies. But there is definitely an interesting venn diagram type overlap for spookiness, wholesomeness, and horniness going on.

And the way that you’ll be finding out about them is easy: THE HARVEST FAIRE! Outside the city limits, people of dozens of faiths will be pitching tents and pitching their faiths. Not in a boring way, though—inside the tents, the faithful are conducting rituals, dances, feasts, orgies, cuddle piles, drug trips, and occasionally actually communing with a real deity. They’re intended to be bite-sized tastes of what their cult/church/group is all about, and most of them don’t cost anything. Some of them are elaborate shows for small crowds and individuals, while others sweep you directly into the action for anywhere from five minutes to an hour. Why not give them a whirl?

In fact… you’ll find on slower days that there are a few empty tents available, and you, outsider, have had a number of at least passingly curious natives asking you questions about what “harvest holidays” you celebrated back home. Feel up to the challenge of training up some recruits to help you “sell” your harvest holiday to the masses? Or maybe you can just fabricate one to throw a halloween party or whatever for fun, I’m not your mom.

OOC Details on The Harvest Faire )

In your journals, some new quests appear! What could they be...

The Harvest Faire
[ Throughout the month, various tasks relating to the Harvest Faire will appear. They are no more complicated or strenuous than volunteering to clean up after rituals, gathering supplies, preparing snacks, or helping them set up and take down tables or whatever. ]
Reward: 5g each
Quest Details: Complete thread of at least AC length pertinent to being a carny.

The actual harvest.
We go through this every single goddamned year, it’s another dang party and half the work hasn’t even been finished yet! You fucking people. Anyway, if those of you out there reading this have an ounce of civil responsibility in you, I have crops to bring to market, and not enough hands to do it.
Reward: 10g and two armloads of vegetables.
Quest Details: Complete thread of at least AC length. Have fun being attractively sweaty and a responsible citizen as you load up carts bound for the market or help keep an eye on the stall while the farmer gets a beer.

Sure, we all do! But are you wearing the fairest underwear in all the land? Probably not! But you will be, and hopefully everyone else will too. Looking for models of all shapes and sizes to model our exquisite underwear around town, at the castle, and at the faire. Our underwear is so soft, you won’t think you’re wearing anything! And everyone else will wish you weren’t! Ha ha!
Reward: 15g and you can keep the underwear.
Quest Details: Complete thread of at least AC length. Character will have to walk around in public wearing underwear while the pantysmith’s apprentice accompanies you and does some town-crying to draw attention. You can wear shoes and other accessories, the underwear just has to be plainly visible and unobstructed. The underwear can be tame or wild in its appearance, but it IS exquisitely comfortable.

Questions? Ask below!
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September Activity Check

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Kingdom Comes’ monthly Activity Check!

As always, you are required to have ten comments from your character in the AC period in order to pass and remain in the game. Please use the following form and reply to this post!

For New Characters: If your character was accepted at any point in September, you're exempt from the ten comment requirement—but please fill out this form to claim your first month's wage!

If you have a completed thread for a quest turn-in, please add the following line to the character's AC:

If your quest threads are incomplete, don't worry! They'll still count next time around.

If you don't have enough activity this month, don't fret! Just link us what you have and let us know you'd like take a strike. You will need to pass AC next month in order to stay in the game.

Please submit your AC by Saturday, October 7th, 11:59PM GMT.

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A doctor on hiatus

Sorry guys, this month is insanely busy for my and I really need to take some mental health time. I'll be hiatusing this month, and hopefully I'll be back next month!
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- 1 Fedora-loving Chancellor

Sorry guys but I'm going to have to drop Ardyn from the game. My life has become increasingly busier due to my recent promotion at work and other factors. It's been great playing here and thanks for all the awesome threads!

I'll be sending Ardyn back to Eos now so he can cause more havoc back in his own world.

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OOC Companion post for September Monster Event

So, in reference to this event- The way we’re thinking this works is pretty fast and loose. You can take on as many or as few monster qualities as you like. You can have some hooves or you can be an entire centaur, this really is meant to suit your tastes. It is also up to the player if you would like your character to take on traits of their chosen creature.

Perhaps being part horse is giving you a hankering for apples and carrots! But maybe not!

Throw your questions down here or ask me in the Kingdom Comes Discord Server

+1 Marauder!

Hello, all!

I'm Fiona, and I'm bringing in the third member of the Marauders, James Potter! I'm super hype to be here and pretty sure I know a bunch of you already, and I was in the previous incarnation of this game back in the day - Apprentice Wanted.

If y'all want to add me on Plurk, I am there at [plurk.com profile] hardtostarboard, and I'm also on Discord at hardtostarboard#7737
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+1 Scarlet Witch

Hi, everyone! I'm Tessa, and I'm going to be playing the MCU version of Wanda Maximoff here. She's from a post 'Civil War' canon point where everything is terrible. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Oops. She's seen some pretty weird stuff in her world, but has been on a team of superheroes for about a year, so that's cool?? :D

She's generally a nice enough person to start off and doesn't bite too hard... unless you're into that kind of thing, but if someone gets her mad then she's very good at holding a grudge and unleashing fury, so I can't wait to toss her at everyone and see what CR comes out of things. \o/
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+1 elf (of the smol variety)

HI GUYS! My name is Kaed and I'm brand new! Zorn seduced me to the dark side and convinced me to app. :>

I am bringing in Alphinaud Leveilleur from Final Fantasy XIV! He is an Elezen just like Aymeric, Estinien and Ysayle, he just hasn't hit his growth spurt yet and thus might only come up to about the bottom of their ribcages or so. He's a tiny budding diplomat with his heart in the right place and a tendency to stick his foot in his mouth when it comes to the ladies in his life. I'm sorry in advance if he talks your ear off. He's also coming in from the end of Stormblood, so if you want to opt out of any spoilers, please let me know!

I can be found on plurk at [plurk.com profile] Katarou or on discord at Kaed#6278 for plotting purposes and/or general chitchat!

Looking forward to playing with all of you!! :>
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August Activity Check

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Kingdom Comes’ monthly Activity Check!

As always, you are required to have ten comments from your character in the AC period in order to pass and remain in the game. Please use the following form and reply to this post!

For New Characters: If your character was accepted at any point in August, you're exempt from the ten comment requirement—but please fill out this form to claim your first month's wage!

If you have a completed thread for a quest turn-in, please add the following line to the character's AC:

If your quest threads are incomplete, don't worry! They'll still count next time around.

If you don't have enough activity this month, don't fret! Just link us what you have and let us know you'd like take a strike. You will need to pass AC next month in order to stay in the game.

Please submit your AC by Thursday, September 7th, 11:59PM GMT.

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[rock music plays softly in the background]

Hello everyone !!

My name is Mei, you might have seen me around in the Discord chat prior to this post. A couple of lovely folks told me about this place and now you're stuck with me, so you have them to blame.

Anyway, I'll be playing this frosty ice witch named Ysayle from Final Fantasy XIV. Primarily known by her alias Lady Iceheart, she's the leader of a bunch of heretics and enjoys long walks through dragon-filled lands. By herself. She's not here to make friends and she's definitely going to find a cave to live in to avoid most of her castmates. Anyone want a cavemate?

Even if she's cold towards most things, she's also a survivor who has had to endure harsh conditions unlike any she's known before so adapting will be a breeze... for the most part. Anticipate a lot of childish bickering, she likes to think she's above that kind of behavior while regularly engaging in it.

You can catch me on Discord at medjed#1157 or Plurk [plurk.com profile] gealach. You might have added me on Plurk before, but whenever they finally allowed renames I revived my first account so please re-add if you'd like!

Oh yeah, if you wanna opt out of spoilers for FFXIV Heavensward, please let me know. Not that she's really going to go around talking about her backstory casually, but just in case!!

cute boy celebrates the End Times


I'm Tarma and I'm bRAND NEW thanks to a couple of people enabling me to hop over here! I've been looking at this game since it opened but I had my hands full at the time.

I'm bringing with me Rohan Kishibe from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. If you don't know anything about him, he's a rude dingus who draws manga and can occasionally act like a manchild. His hobbies include never leaving his house, wearing clothes that do not make sense, and complaining.

DRAWING IS PROBABLY WHAT HE'LL DO since it's the only thing that makes up for his garbage personality and I hope him and Ford fight each other in the street over who has the better weird porno mag.

You're welcome to add me over on plurk and my discord which is Kishibabe#2812!!!

I'm excited to meet all of you!

WAOW! It's a new.

Hi y'all! This is mod Casey bringing in my second, non-Yenh character. He is
coming at u hot 'n fresh. For those of you who are not familiar with him, he's from a canon called Warhammer 40,000 that takes place in the 41st millennium and everything is fucking awful, you guys. Humanity is spread across the galaxy but so many are also constantly dying to stuff. The hammer of war keeps hitting them. It's terrible.

Cain is a man who has resolved not to do that (which is to say die), and he has so far succeeded beautifully. He is over 120 years old thanks to space medicine, and he has very recently retired from a 100 year old combat tour. He's pretty happy to settle in and start teaching Teens how to also not die. TOO BAD FOR HIM THAT HE'S HERE NOW.

For all intents and purposes, he's a totally normal guy who likes to play sports, swing a sword around, and had an entire century-long career centered around cheering folks up so they can fight better. It's just that he also thinks himself a Coward and a Bad Person for fearing the possibility of being flayed alive by metal aliens who want to wear his skin as a cape.

And that being celebrated for NOT being flayed alive is somehow bad, too.

CIAPHAS CAIN!!! He signed up to be a guard. Please welcome this burly sports father into your hearts.
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It’s been one thing after another this month. Had to remove a curse, replace something expensive, and then after the retail therapy you’ve been left with barely a single coin. Good news for you, however! There’s a few ways to earn some quick cash around here.

Professional Hostage: Can you convince someone to use you as a hostage? If you can, the rewards could be great!

Erotic Sign Spinner: Everyone needs a little advertisement. Will you don the pasties and tasseled thong and spin that sign? Hopefully you’re good at spinning a sign…

Discontentment Wrestler: Sit at the booth and allow people to tell you their troubles. Once finished, you must attempt to wrestle away their problems- literally! Maybe a good chokehold will put it all into perspective.

SCENARIO TWO: She Who Must Be Entertained

Mistress demands entertainment. She has rounded you up in pairs and demanded you put on an improv show. While widely considered the lowest of the comedies, it is the fastest and cheapest, and Mistress has guests aplenty to entertain. Each dressed in jester outfits, you must entertain: or perish. Just kidding! …Maybe!


The Prophecy-King from a distant land has had a boom of prophecies, and entirely too many for his own kingdom to handle. The Prophecy-King is of the opinion that all of these prophecies must come true, or the God of Prophecies will be very, very cross.

However, he knows that the nature of many make them undesirable. He has sent a legion of hawks to rain these down in the form of fortune cookies. Upon consuming a cookie piece, you will become unable to resist the compulsion to at least try it out! What does yours say?

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you can't be straight in space

Hello all! I'm Ink, and I used to place way way back in ye olden days of Apprentice Wanted. I was super hype to see a revival and I'm glad my time's finally shook out to the point where I can join!

I'm bringing you Stanford Pines from Gravity Falls, and I'm sorry. He's 69 years old (yes, really), has twelve PhDs, six fingers on both hands, and a lot of opinions. Traveling to new worlds is old hat for him, so arriving in this one won't be surprising for the reasons one might expect. The most confusing part of it will be that he didn't do it on purpose this time, really.

I've signed him up as an outlier (he has some bad prior experience with evil overlords, so joining up with the Mistress was a no go) and my plan is for him to start publishing a Sexy Zine of some description. As for preferences, he's into just about anyone so long as they're not a unicorn. Unicorns are jerks.

You'd think that's an in-between but no, he just holds that pose.

If you need to contact me for anything, I've joined the discord server and I'm also reachable at [plurk.com profile] mister_inkwell .

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August has arrived, and with it that awkward time where it’s still summer, but it won’t be for much longer. The farmlands outside the village are full of folks hard at work tending their crops (some of which look entirely too phallic) or herding their livestock. The forest is alive with animals and insects, and people coming to and fro as they hunt, gather, and travel for business and pleasure through its boughs. Why not take a walk down well-trod paths, or explore off-trail? The forest is safe, assuming you don’t anger local wildlife or the supernatural critters that live in there.

And in the village proper, things are getting back to normal. Townsfolk are going about their business, commenting that the newcomers are good for tourism. And it’s true; all outliers will find themselves dealing with a handful of nosy passersby this month. Sometimes they just stare, smile, and wave; other times they come up and ask questions about where you’re from, what you did there, do you know any really exotic sex acts… and it’s only a proposition some of the time. They’re genuinely curious!

Guards and apprentices will certainly also get this treatment, but seeing as they can retreat into the castle when they’re not on errands or shifts, it may be less of a problem.

Speaking of which...

Lucky you, apprentices! Seeing as there’s a number of dignitaries in town right now, the Mistress has decided to actually give you degenerates some “important” tasks to do. While that mostly means doing standard household chores around the castle, she assigns all apprentices to clean and sort a few rooms in the cellars. No pilfering food or wine, she warns. Some of those cellars contain patches of mold that may make cleaning a more difficult task than anticipated… no, that doesn’t mean asthma for the apprentices. Unless you want them to, whatever, I’m not your dad. No, the spores have a psychoactive effect; the closer you are to them while cleaning, the more inebriated you’ll get. It’s not sex pollen, but what you want to do when you’re high in a place where everyone runs around half-naked and occasionally perform sex acts in public is your business.

And in the meantime, try to enjoy the company of the diplomats and ambassadors. Some of them are probably secret assassins, but most are just there to suck up to the Mistress. Individually, some are quite happy to dote on you, or even invite you to their rooms… but around the Mistress, they may be more likely to cater to her whims.

She, by the way, doesn’t actually trust any of you guards enough to assign you to important bodyguard roles. You can hang out with them all you want, but when it comes to watching over them, that’s not your job at all. Instead, she has you doing drills alongside new recruits under an officer. Jogging, exercises (in groups and with partners), and even an obstacle course. Amazingly, you aren’t naked for it, though it’s not like your uniforms are particularly helpful with keeping everything in place correctly and you are definitely not allowed to stop and adjust yourself. Less amazingly, dignitaries can often be noted watching from their balconies. Masturbating? Probably.


Posted prominently at the center of the marketplace are a number of bills advertising quests and tasks. They also appear in your journals, because of course they do.

Available Quests

To accomplish a quest and earn coins, we ask that you either directly thread out the quest, or have it play a significant part in an unrelated thread in some way (IE: you’re interrupted in progress of performing the task, you ask a friend to help, the task backfired and you’re now cursed/injured/horny, etc). You may collect the coin on the AC after you have completed the thread. Though you’re welcome to handwave simple NPC conversations and involvement, if you would like a mod to hop in with an NPC or to offer you advice, you’re welcome to do so! Comment on this post at any point during the month to request NPC involvement.

Cursed Cow
My most prized cow was cursed by a sorcerer two weeks ago. When I milk her, she yodels in a powerful man’s voice and doesn’t stop until I’m done. It’s extremely loud, my ears hurt, and the neighbors are complaining. If someone can help me solve this problem, it would be really helpful.
-a Dairy Farmer

Rewards: 5g-20 gold, depending on the cleverness of your solution.

Words for Sex
I’m having a contest with my neighbor for who can come up with the best words and euphemisms for sex. It’s been going on for a while and I’m running out of ideas, but I refuse to quit. If you can submit me a page of your best ideas, I’ll pay for them. I live around the south corner from the market, in the house with the red and blue door. If it’s good, I might ask for more.
Reward: 10 gold per sheet of 15 good euphemisms. (Limit two per character)

I want weird mushrooms. Put them in the jar. It’s under your bed. It’s got your name on it.
Reward: 5 gold for a... labeled... jar... filled with weird mushrooms...???

This post is yours for the plotting! Have fun! You're welcome to leave questions here.
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July Activity Check

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Kingdom Comes’ monthly Activity Check!

For this month's AC, you are required to have ten comments from your character in the AC period in order to pass and remain in the game. Please use the following form and reply to this post!

We are going back and checking previous ACs so that we can distribute coins accordingly. The month of August will see the return of quests for additional income, and the next AC's form will have space to reflect that.

For New Characters: If your character was accepted at any point in July, you're exempt from the ten comment requirement—but please fill out this form to claim your first month's wage!

If you don't have enough activity this month, don't fret! Just link us what you have and let us know you'd like take a strike. You will need to pass AC next month in order to stay in the game.

Please submit your AC by Monday, August 7th, 11:59PM GMT.

The name of my series is very deceiving : (

Oh! Hello hello!

I'm Aya and I'm here with the wonderful witch, Yuuko Ichihara, from xxxHolic. I'm super glad to be here!

Yuuko is a boozing, smoking, fashionista with a few deep seated personal issues. But I wouldn't worry about those. She certainly doesn't. Despite her rather constant debauchery she's incredibly clever and knowledgeable about all arcana and things magical. Yuuko isn't one to be underestimated. The booze only makes her stronger.

I'm looking forward to unleashing her onto all of you~

I know a few of you from my time in Ryslig but most of you I haven't met yet! Needless to say I'm looking forward to all the new friends and CR.

Introducing everyone's favorite nerd lord king

I am here too! Sorry I am late with the intro but I am Poshu and I am bringing Noctis to the porn table. 

He's a skittish little skinny disney princess so PLEASE feel FREE to flirt with him or fondle him or push him against a wall and do unspeakable things. Please oh please, do horrible things to this boy. I am cool with just about anything, ask me about specific permissions if you like. I don't like body fluid stuff but other than that it's good, and I mean everything else. Good. Go for it. 

Have fun with your little princess
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Coming up with a new RECIPEHH

Hey there everyone! I'm Gabi and I shall be bringing Ignis to the Kingdom. So… feel free to say hi and ask him for the new recipes. Or simply pester him, if you please (?)

I can be reached on plurk (/asato) or through discord (Aigle#3535) for further plotting or just sharing some shenanigans. Hope to see you all soon~!