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Hello everyone! You might remember me from last time when I brought this guy, Ardyn Izunia, from Final Fantasy XV. I had a bit of a break but it seems I can't quite leave this place forever.

I'm Linden and it's good to be back. If you wish to thread/plot/smut whatever with Ardyn, please feel free to contact me via my Plurk: ThorinII or Discord: drunkleardyn111#1019

Let the magic filth begin...

EDIT: Permissions just in case you want to know what you can do with this guy. which is practically everything.
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Uh oh, seems some magic went awry. Looks like what’s in your pants is a little— or a lot different than it was a minute ago. Your beloved genitals have been swapped with another in the area.

How will you know who has yours?

A little game of hot and cold, of course. You’ll get hot and bothered to where you can’t ignore it anymore by the time you’re standing in front of the current carrier of your junk. Found it? Great!

Now you just have to get it back on your body. To do this, you will be tasked to stimulate your familiar set of genitals until the current owner comes, of course! Be sure to get one another off around the same time, or you may have to go on the hunt again.

—At least that’s what the quickly slinking away wizard tells you.

Seems your coffers have gotten a little empty. Good thing the local potion master will offer some coin for each draught you try. She claims she has gotten much too old to be trying new potions out on herself anyway.

Red: Touted as what is supposed to be a more powerful love potion, this will make the next person who sees you fall madly for you, so much so that they just want to be you. They will try desperately to talk you out of your clothes so that they may wear them.

Blue: Supposedly this potion allows the user to fly. Seems a little unevenly mixed… Upon consuming this you will begin to levitate, though primarily by a single limb or body part.

Green: A potion designed to help farmers; it will make unruly magical plants docile, even affectionate. This potion is perhaps too potent… The drinker will be utterly irresistible to plant-life. Hopefully you like them as much as they seem to like you.

Purple: The potion master promises more coin for this than the others. It seems to be a potion of compulsive truth-telling. Take a little too much and it will make you start exaggerating truths and feel unable to keep them to yourself!

Black: The crown jewel of the potions. Supposedly it makes the user stronger, faster, smarter, and all too eager to show it off! Seems as if the potion does not improve any individual quality, but it does instill a false sense of superiority and a hefty amount of exuberant arrogance.

There are great prizes for those with the courage to compete! So promises the Mistress, at least, and you’re desperate enough to believe her. You will be herded into the courtyard, paired up and ordered to strip. You may be worried, you may be excited— to learn that you are now competing in a three legged race with your partner. Hopefully you and your partner are on the same page with wanting to still compete. There’s certainly no do-overs on partners. Better get ready, the race is about to begin!

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Now that the Snow Queen has been... placated, the whole kingdom is gearing up to celebrate! Though the festivities are only at their very spontaneous and modest beginnings, feel free to join in! Shed those layers, enjoy the sun on your face, and Outliers can have fun trying to handle leaky shacks and all that new snowmelt.

HOWEVER, later in the week, things will be kicking into full gear with a second full mingle and log! Prizes will be distributed among the participants, and the Mistress will be holding a compulsory celebration to show off her prize exotic foreigners from other worlds, all of whom worked so valiantly to end the winter.

And the biggest prize of all: characters will have a chance to interact with the Mistress directly!


As a moderator note, thank you all for sticking around while we transition things over!

Stay tuned, and in the meantime, happy threading!
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Kingdom Comes will not be closing. We would like to thank Megan and Jo for all their hard work and service leading up to this point. We simply couldn't stand the thought of Kingdom Comes closing! They kindly and quickly handed us the reigns, and for that we are very grateful. We believe that we can breathe new life into Kingdom Comes and we strongly believe that it will flourish given some renewed time and attention. We hope that all of you will stick around with us on the next leg of this journey.

We will be making a few changes around here that we hope spurs activity, CR, and fun! There won't be anything too drastic, but we will give a good heads up. Come talk to us on discord! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We would love to hear from each of you.

Mod Oli
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Hello sugar plums,
This is sad but probably not unexpected news that pertains to the state of the game. We mods have deliberated over the pace and size and have come to the difficult decision to close the game.

This is largely because we do not see the game growing or thriving in DWRP currently, as other games are more successfully catering to the smut genre and there doesn't seem to be a large interest in the setting. With the large number of drops, and with no new blood coming in, it's growing to be difficult to keep things afloat. We intend to keep the comms open and have no plans to delete or close anything. There's no time limit to the end of the game, but we can wind up the Snow Queen event if anyone is interested—feel free to keep tagging your threads and bring things to a satisfying end (wink, wink).

Thank you so much to everyone that gave us a chance and sorry once again to end things this way.

Lots of love,
Megan and Jo

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Hello, dearest sluts! We here on the mod team hope you're as excited for this event as we are, because it's promising to be a fun and wholesome time for all!

And by 'fun and wholesome,' we of course mean 'fun and filthy'.

While everyone else is busy frolicking in the snow, snuggling up to stay warm, or becoming hermits and cursing the Snow Queen from afar, ten brave individuals have stepped forward to compete for the honor of keeping her company and with any luck, reversing this bout of wintry weather we've been having.

The participants have been sorted into a bracket, tournament-style; in order to move forward to the next round, one has to simply keep from orgasming until after their partner does. This can take place in private if necessary; all the Mistress asks is for an honest report of who bested who. The rest of the details can be found here in the original event post.

Without further ado, THE BRACKET:

Feel free to use this post in order to plot with your partners! Please report the winner of each round in the appropriate thread below; you can choose to thread it out or handwave—but why wouldn't you want to thread it out?

Have fun, be safe, and happy fucking!

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The summer months are coming up in our locationally vague Kingdom. There was a brief dip into longer, warmer days that began with flowers blooming, birds chirping and other assorted signs of natural seasonal change. Over the past few days, as we progress into what truly should be summer, we see these signs regress. Days are shorter, colder and plants are slowly starting to die. This suspicious change in weather comes to a head, when chilly temperatures drop so low that frost begins to creep over the kingdom. Before you know it, summer has regressed back into winter entirely and snow will fall. The Kingdom is a veritable Winter Wonderland, and it’s enjoyable for a little while.

Characters can build snowmen, toboggan down slopes, cuddle by the fire and enjoy warm drinks and meals together.. Until supplies start to run out, due to the unexpected second winter.

Correspondence between Kingdoms travels back and forth, until the Mountain Kingdoms come back with both a source and solution for this problem. The Snow Queen, residing in the highest reaches of the mountain, is in desperate need of company. Her isolation is making her miserable, which is causing her powers to spiral out of control. The only cure for her ailment is companionship of a particular sort, someone to keep her warm at night, someone to provide affection and, you know...

Fuck her.

There’s no secret as to why the Mountain Kingdom has asked for assistance from The Mistress. Her Kingdom has certain proclivities that should prove useful, but she can’t send just anyone (and certainly not herself, because she is burdened with not caring). A failed attempt to seduce the Snow Queen could be just as risky as leaving her isolated. Her savior must be skilled in many ways, but primarily the art of pleasure and not freezing to death.

In order to select the best candidate, the kingdom will hold a FUCK FEST. The winner of which will go on to seduce the Snow Queen. The rules are simple: contenders will be paired off, the first to orgasm loses and the one who holds out longest and fucks best is the winner. Luckily, it isn’t necessary to perform in front of a crowd. This will continue until all winners fuck and find the ultimate winner, our champion.

The dwarves of the Kingdom can happily furnish the ultimate champion with a potion that has “anti-freeze” effects, it lasts for an hour and is extremely difficult to make, use it wisely. They will also provide a tool belt, stocked with several different shapes, sizes and strengths of vibrators, dildos and strap ons. Wear it with pride, it is gold, shiny and studded with crystals.

You can keep it after you use it, it will probably come in handy.

The advertised prize for this event comes from The Mistress herself, she offers a power or substantial object from back home, along with an upgrade on your living situation (a shack to a cottage, shared quarters to a private room, a room with a private en-suite), beautiful, custom lingerie (that makes you extremely sensitive to touch, though they don’t say that) and a plaque on your door that declares you the Master of Seduction.

There will be smaller prizes for all who participate, one small item from home, beautiful, custom lingerie (that makes you extremely sensitive to touch, though they don’t say that) and a badge that says “Adequate Fuck”.

USE THIS POST TO SIGN UP. A post will follow in a 4 days, sorting everyone into pairs for the contest. We will RNG the winners of each round and thus, find the next few pairs until we get the winner. It’s totally up to you guys which threads you want to play out and which you would rather handwave.

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Hello, everyone! Welcome to Kingdom Comes’ monthly Activity Check!

For this month's AC, you are required to have ten comments from your character in the AC period in order to pass and remain in the game. Please use the following form and reply to this post! Your comment will be screened when you have passed.

If you don't have enough activity this month, don't fret! Just link us what you have and let us know you'd like take a strike. You will need to pass AC next month in order to stay in the game.

Please submit your AC by Thursday, June 8th.

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Hi everyone!! I'm Casey, and I have brought in this dumb nerd who also happens to be the greatest hero of her generation. Though of course she doesn't have any of her demi-godly powers here, but her heart is still going to be in the right place. Her name is Yenh Quryoja, and she is the Warrior of Light (aka a malleable protagonist) from Final Fantasy XIV, the MMORPG.

Yenh is a kind, selfless, and dweeby godslayer with a heady set of complexes that have made her the embodiment of hope and adventure and Light and all that cool jazz. Most important of all, though, is that this iteration of the Warrior of Light is a catgirl.

She comes from the most recent content patch, "The Far Edge Of Fate," so she was gearing up to jump head-first into another danged war. Now she's plonking down in a little leaky hut and feeling very confused about her new lot in life.

This is her permissions, and you can add me on plurk if you want! I more lurk than post there lately, but hey.

Looking forward to playing with you all!!
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Hola, nerds! I'm Jormy, and I come bearing a princess who really needs to take a damn break - Éowyn from Lord of the Rings.

As you've probably guessed from the PB being... not Miranda Otto, I'm playing more from the books than the films. Plus, Miranda Otto was kind of not in the films that much? This has more options, is what I'm saying. (Jormy, why are you writing a goddamn essay to defend this? Because it's 2am and I'm a neurotic dumbass, that's why)

Éowyn comes from pre-canon (well... technically within the canon timeline, but before she appears in it), which means she comes with a few caveats. She's a virgin, for one, and fairly sheltered, so this is going to be one hell of a shock to the system. She also hasn't fought the Witch-King yet and is firmly in the "I want to fight and die a glorious death" stage of her character arc. I think that's about it for, like, character notes?

I have a permissions/stats page here, which is still a little unfinished but I'll work on it. And, uh, you can reach me on Plurk at [ profile] jormandugr - if you don't already have me added, feel free!


i think that is all

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Hello Kingdom Comes! I'm Einir, and I'm bringing Sirius Black from the Maurader's Era into this trashfire! He is probably going to be in trouble more often than not, but he's fun and charming and not terribly picky about who he flirts with, so.

I'm moxana on plurk and moxana#4430 on discord, and I made a permissions page with a kink list for this dweeb!

Come let me love y'all down.
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Hi guys!

As promised, it’s been roughly a week since we posted AC (In some timezone, anyway). As such, it’s time for us to both announce our next event and post a CR meme to follow along with it.

For this month’s event, we’ve gone so far as to create a new comm. We now have [community profile] kingdomtalks in addition to our log community. As you might have guessed, it’s something of a network community, but it’s tailored to suit the setting of the game. This event will introduce this new game mechanic in a manner we hope will be extremely educational. Be sure to request access to this new comm so you can jump in right away!


All characters will wake up to a small, neatly wrapped package outside of their door. When they open it, they’ll find a plain, leather bound book and a quill that seems to be tailored to suit their personality (If your character likes blue, it might be blue. If your character is a pretentious asshole, it might be a peacock feather) and several bottles of ink, none of which are labelled in any particular fashion. The book is completely blank and super boring looking, until it flips itself out of hand and flips open to the first page, where The Mistress will write her opening message. Words appear on the page as they are written.








Yes, that’s correct. A direct and community wide messaging system is now in place.

☆This system is text only, there will be no voice or video options.
☆Messages can be made privately if they are addressed at the top, otherwise they are community wide.
☆Your name appears under every message you write, it is impossible to be anonymous at this point unless you use the right ink.
☆You cannot use another person’s quill.
☆Only messages from The Mistress make the book come to life. If she has something she wants you to read, the book will fly repeatedly into your face or body until you do so.
☆Illiterate characters will be able to read and write. The quill will write whatever message they are trying to convey, and the written words are understandable to them.

Now for the fun part. Those pots of ink? Enchanted, of course. The Mistress is looking to stir trouble while implementing her changes. Each ink draws a different response out of a quill, and sometimes it’s impossible to resist.

Some of the different effects the inks have include:
☆The Ink of Unrestrained Thought. It writes whatever you’re thinking.
☆The Ink of Unrestrained Dirty Thought. It writes whatever dirty thoughts are lurking in the back of your mind.
☆The Ink of Unrestrained Dirty Thoughts you Didn’t Know You Had. Sometimes the quill has a way of planting ideas in your head.
☆The Ink of Innuendo. Everything you write becomes an innuendo.
☆The Ink of Anonymity. This makes your messages unidentifiable, meaning nobody can tell who you are when you write.
☆The Ink of Perverse Anonymity. Not only are your messages anonymous, they’re filthy. You wouldn’t want your name attached to this sort of shit.
☆The Ink of Invitation. Shy? This quill is perfect. It cuts out the middleman and invites the hottie over to your place for some one on one time. Only it isn’t very discerning and tends to invite everyone, awkward.

Feel free to get inventive with these. Your character could dip their quill into just about anything, completely unaware of what they’re about to unleash. Of course, there's also just plain old ink available...but where's the fun in that?

You may also put up an IC contact post in your character’s journal for in-game messages

Remember, to accomplish a quest and earn coins, you just need to address the quest in a thread somewhere or play it out fully with others. We urge you to tally your own coins and remind you that jobs come with monthly payment.

Writing Mistress’s Dirty Letters to dignitaries in foreign Kingdoms- 20g
Drawing countless images of The Mistress, posing nude- 10g
Washing graffiti off the castle walls- 5g

Writing and drawing wanted posters for criminals - 20g
Drawing warning signs for various faults around the castle- 10g
Leaving graffiti for the Apprentices- 5g

Transcribing the grand tales of warriors who cannot write- 20g
Drawing caricatures for fellow peasants- 10g
Writing dirty poems for sale- 5g

THIS IS ALSO A CR MEME so please re-introduce yourselves and use this post as a place to plot for the event and for the game at large.

Fill out the information below in a comment, post it and take a look at some other comments.

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Hello, everyone! Welcome to Kingdom Comes’ first AC post PLUS a little wrap up to the event. We’d like to thank everyone who has joined and participated in this game so far, we hope it will continue to grow into the bountiful sex paradise we always hoped it would.

Given that the game is currently ahem petite and still a growing thing, we have decided that this month’s AC will simply be a check in. That is to say, we want you to comment with your characters and one thread you are participating in, regardless of comment count. Please use the following form and reply to this post!


As for April's event, our heroes will not be unrewarded! The Funworm is vanquished by fun itself and as we know, it was the sultry and seductive duo that took it down. Both parties will be rewarded with 100 coins to do with what they will, but only the successful Ember and Rudy will win the true prize.


Just kidding, that would suck ass. Instead, they will be rewarded with an ornate, fabergé egg each. Each egg is decorated in a way that resembles the appearance and personality of its owner, both in colour and carvings.

Yes, you can sell it, but just listen to what it can do. Unbeknownst to the prize winners, the egg is full of secrets. The egg, when held a certain way, will vibrate. When left to its own devices, it will emit sensual, aphrodisiac-like perfumes. Holding it can improve confidence, virility and charm. It does a manner of small but “useful” things, of which we trust players to take liberties with.

In the aftermath, there isn’t a “celebration” of victory. In fact, partying is off the table for a while. People go back to their normal lives and now you can finally settle into the wonderful and dull routine of living...

...Until about a week from now, when we post the next event.

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Hey everyone! I'm Oli and I've got Aymeric de Borel from Final Fantasy XIV. He's the Lord Commander of the Temple Knights, so he's a hot shot where he came from. He's a charming, earnest politician elf guy and he's here to make the ladies and gents swoon. His canon-point is from The Far Edge of Fate, recent post-war stuff. He might seem a little cold at first, but he's sure to warm up if you give him incentive.

I'm horsechiffon on plurk and Gaymeric#5748 on discord. I look forward to all the fun!
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Hey everyone, I'm Zorn and I'm bringing with me Estinien Wymrblood from Final Fantasy XIV. He's the vaulted champion on Ishgard, which is kinda like fantasy catholic France with elves! They've been locked in a war with dragons for a thousand years, and Estinien has some baggage from the war, and a vengeance streak a mile long. He's a prickly, grumpy dude who doesn't really like social interaction at all, what a joy! For those familiar, I took him just before his and the WoL's trek into The Aery!

For more info on this oversized cactus, you can watch this very in depth and super serious video about Estinien:

Anyhoo, I'm [ profile] ZornSable on plurk, feel free to add me! I'm also on Discord as Zanono#5772. I'm happy to be here and excited to play with you all <3
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There are many reasons you could find yourself in the depths of the forest. Foraging, hunting, a task set by the mistress or rumors of a plant that grants unfathomable powers once consumed. Whatever the reason may be, you’re in the depths of it now. The flora and fauna seems quite similar to a normal, earth forest. Only it’s rich, green, filled with pastel flowers and leaves and barely touched by humanity. The forest giveth and taketh and the villagers know better than to take advantage of it, particularly when more sinister beings lie in the darker depths of it.

Like, y’know. Bears and shit.

The animals of the forest enjoy playing games with humans. They’ve figured out that the new batches of people don’t seem to realise they can talk, and they revel in starting conversations and stopping them as soon as they realise another human is approaching. They do this so you look mad, of course. They will lie, telling you that eating or drinking certain things within the forest can grant you awesome powers. More often than not, they’re doing it to watch you eat aphrodisiac flowers or drink normal water and act high and mighty.

Plants are also tricky. The mushrooms in the forest are said to taste delicious, like beef and chicken (and they go great in pasta). This information comes from villagers, but they tell you to pick fast and not to linger, because the mushrooms are sly.

What they don’t tell you is that the mushrooms talk too. Not only will they beg you to spare them, they can sense your deepest insecurities and share them with the world, chiming in unison about your deepest secrets loud enough to let everyone in the area hear.

Flowers can release fumes that addle the mind. You see visions of beautiful people and feel compelled to run into their arms, unaware that you’re making out with a tree or a bear. Others are less insidious, simply releasing pleasant fumes that make you want to spoon in the grass and cuddle for hours in the cold forest.

On the outskirts of the kingdom, there are rumors of several magical fountains hidden in mountains or forests. Whether you are sent by The Mistress or tasked to do it by rich diplomats for a hefty sum, you have good reason to find them.

One fountain is incredible to look at. The marble carving is ornate and detailed and took an impressive amount of dedication from the petals of each flower to the spirals that surround them. The water will make you absolutely irresistible to those around you. One sip will drive those around you absolutely mad for you. Whether it be a desperate urge to fuck or a desperate urge to sing you sonnets and kiss your feet, they will want you.

One fountain has beautiful, marble figures carved into it. It will change you into the opposite sex, but the finest form of the opposite sex. The height of beauty and body standards, but just enough like yourself that you are almost recognisable.

One fountain is pretty plain. What you see is what you get, but there’s something satisfying about the simplicity. It is, of course, impressively gold plated despite lacking carvings. It grants you not only the desire to fuck, but the power to be the absolute best at it. There is nobody you can’t please, and you can please for hours on end without becoming tired. You are driven to give pleasure to all of those around you, and when allowed, you will absolutely succeed.

The quest to find these fountains is extremely difficult and water is sparse in the areas. It will be almost impossible to resist a small sip, but even the smallest sip can provide nearly an hours worth of effects. There’s plenty of water for you to drink and still fill the vials you’ve been provided, but there’s plenty of reason to be distracted.

The Mistress frequently holds a ball, and everyone is always invited. Your outfit is not what you would have picked, really. In fact, you didn’t pick it at all. As soon as you walk through the door, the outfit you choose turns from modest to nearly non-existent. All clothing turns to lingerie or BDSM wear. Sensible pants are leather chaps, dresses are corsets, shoes are heeled and lace is nearly everywhere. The only thing you have to protect your dignity is a lovely, bedazzled mask.

The incense is strong as ever in Mistresses’ Ballroom. It has mild, aphrodisiac effects and seems to calm the nerves. Shot glasses of all colours line the tables, each which a little card in front of them with a vague title.

Red: Passion
(This one is simple, it grants you undeniable passion, lust and desire.)

Orange: Fierce
(Like Red, it offers lust but with a rough edge. It makes you want it, but it makes you want to give it or take it hard.)

Yellow: Sweet
(The kindest cocktail. It offers lust, but sweetly. It makes you want gentle kisses and soft touches.)

Green: Greed
(It sets your sights on more than one partner, possibly at once.)

Blue: Exhibition
(You don’t care where you are, anywhere will suffice. The more people who see, the better.)

Purple: Filthy
(This one encourages dirty talk. All of your words will become suggestive, all of your desires will slip out and some things you thought you’d never say are announced.)

Black: Kinky

(The most potent of all. This shot will cause you to want whips and chains. Dominance. Leather, even. Hope you’ve prepared a safeword.)

The drinks aren’t just on the tables, they’re passed around by scantily dressed waiters and waitresses and offered to you by fellow attendees. The effects are almost immediate, lasting roughly an hour depending on how many you ingest. They can, of course, be combined with other drinks for multiple effects.

The drinks and the drawers aren’t the only aspect of the party. The ballroom is beautiful and fearsome, the walls are decorated tastefully with the skulls of the Mistresses’ enemies. The theme seems to be blood and lust, almost everything is either black or red and the carvings and decorations all resemble skulls and bones. The music is enchanting and inspires rhythm in the worst dancers. This entire night is orchestrated to be an incredible, sexy spectacle for the Mistress and everyone here is merely a humble instrument to her visions.

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One week winds into the next and so on and so forth, just as time tends to do. The only problem seems to be that, despite time flowing normally, the festival just never seems to end. Food and drink is not in abundance anymore, people are partying so hard they’re dropping to the ground, exhausted.

Eventually, people start to notice that some of the bodies dropped to the floor are not taking an impromptu nap. They’re.. Well. Dead. Completely dead, but with a huge grin on their face. Some people are unaccounted for, in the mess of the festivities. They’re all just going through some stuff now.

The smiles are the biggest and most obvious clue as to where people are disappearing to. Witnesses say that they’ve seen the Funworm from afar, eating people whole and paralysing others with its powerful fun-pheromones. The villagers seem to have collectively decided to pass this problem onto the Off-Worlders with guilt mongering and offers of untold riches (as much as they can afford, anyway). The Mistress has written it off as something that isn’t her problem, but that doesn’t mean Apprentices and Guards can’t volunteer their time.

Another lead, helpfully provided, is that the Fun Cult are guests in the Kingdom and brought the Funworm as a gift of good spirit for the Festival of Fool. They’re still residing on the outer edges of the festival in their camp, where the Funworm sleeps at night. It’s guarded, in a subtle way, by some suspicious looking dudes in robes. There’s usually at least two milling around, ready to lead intruders to the Funworm.

There are two schools of thought going into this little mission. The first is that violence is the answer and the only acceptable way to defeat the Funworm and end the nonsense once and for all. The second is that love is the answer, that you catch more flies with honey and seduction is the safer and more effective route.

For this event, we need four people. Two people to lead the way with violence and two to lead the way with seduction. The Monks of the Fun Cult will be played by two NPC characters and your characters will be drilling them (literally, figuratively…) for answers.

Please sign your characters up under the headers below! Sign-ups will close on April 23rd, at which point we will roll for the lucky four!.
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Hello, everyone!

I'm Linden and I bring Ardyn Izunia from Final Fantasy XV. He's a complete trashlord with a mind like a Niflheim gutter. He's Imperial Chancellor to Niflheim, but you wouldn't think since he dresses like someone's homeless uncle. Perfect for a place like this. I look forward to meeting you all and having some sexy fun times ^-^

Feel free to contact me via Plurk: ThorinII I'm always up for plotting/smutting or whatever you feel like doing.

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Hey everyone! I'm Veth, and I'm bringing Valmont from Jackie Chan Adventures to this terrible, terrible party. He's a stuck-up British dude who wears too much green and used to be a rich and powerful crime lord, but then Jackie Chan happened, and then he got possessed by a demon and Jackie Chan happened again, and long story short he's fallen on much harder times these days. And while he's hoping an apprentice gig here will put him back on track to the whole "rich and powerful" thing, I wouldn't get my hopes up. Basically, he's a jerk, but he's a pretty jerk, and I'm excited for terrible things to happen to him. c: Permissions are here!

Feel free to add me on plurk at [ profile] vethica! I haven't been in a game in a while, so bear with me if I mess anything up, but I look forward to meeting and playing with all of you! ♥
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Hello, hello! I'm Siv, and I bring Ren here from the depths of my brain! Issues with himself and some others aside, he's just the kinda guy who'd be happy to netflix and chill -- if there was netflix in this kingdom, anyway! He tends to prefer to take charge, but people who manage to get the upper hand on him are... well, pretty damn special.

Feel free to contact me at plurk at: [ profile] thekt! Ren's permissions and kinks list are here!

I'm always happy to plot things out first - just let me know who you are if you use plurk so I don't mistake you for a bot or something. :)