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Hello sugar plums,
This is sad but probably not unexpected news that pertains to the state of the game. We mods have deliberated over the pace and size and have come to the difficult decision to close the game.

This is largely because we do not see the game growing or thriving in DWRP currently, as other games are more successfully catering to the smut genre and there doesn't seem to be a large interest in the setting. With the large number of drops, and with no new blood coming in, it's growing to be difficult to keep things afloat. We intend to keep the comms open and have no plans to delete or close anything. There's no time limit to the end of the game, but we can wind up the Snow Queen event if anyone is interested—feel free to keep tagging your threads and bring things to a satisfying end (wink, wink).

Thank you so much to everyone that gave us a chance and sorry once again to end things this way.

Lots of love,
Megan and Jo

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