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Hello, dearest sluts! We here on the mod team hope you're as excited for this event as we are, because it's promising to be a fun and wholesome time for all!

And by 'fun and wholesome,' we of course mean 'fun and filthy'.

While everyone else is busy frolicking in the snow, snuggling up to stay warm, or becoming hermits and cursing the Snow Queen from afar, ten brave individuals have stepped forward to compete for the honor of keeping her company and with any luck, reversing this bout of wintry weather we've been having.

The participants have been sorted into a bracket, tournament-style; in order to move forward to the next round, one has to simply keep from orgasming until after their partner does. This can take place in private if necessary; all the Mistress asks is for an honest report of who bested who. The rest of the details can be found here in the original event post.

Without further ado, THE BRACKET:

Feel free to use this post in order to plot with your partners! Please report the winner of each round in the appropriate thread below; you can choose to thread it out or handwave—but why wouldn't you want to thread it out?

Have fun, be safe, and happy fucking!

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