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The summer months are coming up in our locationally vague Kingdom. There was a brief dip into longer, warmer days that began with flowers blooming, birds chirping and other assorted signs of natural seasonal change. Over the past few days, as we progress into what truly should be summer, we see these signs regress. Days are shorter, colder and plants are slowly starting to die. This suspicious change in weather comes to a head, when chilly temperatures drop so low that frost begins to creep over the kingdom. Before you know it, summer has regressed back into winter entirely and snow will fall. The Kingdom is a veritable Winter Wonderland, and it’s enjoyable for a little while.

Characters can build snowmen, toboggan down slopes, cuddle by the fire and enjoy warm drinks and meals together.. Until supplies start to run out, due to the unexpected second winter.

Correspondence between Kingdoms travels back and forth, until the Mountain Kingdoms come back with both a source and solution for this problem. The Snow Queen, residing in the highest reaches of the mountain, is in desperate need of company. Her isolation is making her miserable, which is causing her powers to spiral out of control. The only cure for her ailment is companionship of a particular sort, someone to keep her warm at night, someone to provide affection and, you know...

Fuck her.

There’s no secret as to why the Mountain Kingdom has asked for assistance from The Mistress. Her Kingdom has certain proclivities that should prove useful, but she can’t send just anyone (and certainly not herself, because she is burdened with not caring). A failed attempt to seduce the Snow Queen could be just as risky as leaving her isolated. Her savior must be skilled in many ways, but primarily the art of pleasure and not freezing to death.

In order to select the best candidate, the kingdom will hold a FUCK FEST. The winner of which will go on to seduce the Snow Queen. The rules are simple: contenders will be paired off, the first to orgasm loses and the one who holds out longest and fucks best is the winner. Luckily, it isn’t necessary to perform in front of a crowd. This will continue until all winners fuck and find the ultimate winner, our champion.

The dwarves of the Kingdom can happily furnish the ultimate champion with a potion that has “anti-freeze” effects, it lasts for an hour and is extremely difficult to make, use it wisely. They will also provide a tool belt, stocked with several different shapes, sizes and strengths of vibrators, dildos and strap ons. Wear it with pride, it is gold, shiny and studded with crystals.

You can keep it after you use it, it will probably come in handy.

The advertised prize for this event comes from The Mistress herself, she offers a power or substantial object from back home, along with an upgrade on your living situation (a shack to a cottage, shared quarters to a private room, a room with a private en-suite), beautiful, custom lingerie (that makes you extremely sensitive to touch, though they don’t say that) and a plaque on your door that declares you the Master of Seduction.

There will be smaller prizes for all who participate, one small item from home, beautiful, custom lingerie (that makes you extremely sensitive to touch, though they don’t say that) and a badge that says “Adequate Fuck”.

USE THIS POST TO SIGN UP. A post will follow in a 4 days, sorting everyone into pairs for the contest. We will RNG the winners of each round and thus, find the next few pairs until we get the winner. It’s totally up to you guys which threads you want to play out and which you would rather handwave.

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