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Hey everyone! I'm Oli and I've got Aymeric de Borel from Final Fantasy XIV. He's the Lord Commander of the Temple Knights, so he's a hot shot where he came from. He's a charming, earnest politician elf guy and he's here to make the ladies and gents swoon. His canon-point is from The Far Edge of Fate, recent post-war stuff. He might seem a little cold at first, but he's sure to warm up if you give him incentive.

I'm horsechiffon on plurk and Gaymeric#5748 on discord. I look forward to all the fun!
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Welcome! :D I look forward to seeing him around!
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Hello fellow FF fan!

I play Ardyn Izunia here from FFXV. Threading with your handsome elf guy will be a must, since Ardyn loves to flirt with handsome men.