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+1 Dragon killing cactus

Hey everyone, I'm Zorn and I'm bringing with me Estinien Wymrblood from Final Fantasy XIV. He's the vaulted champion on Ishgard, which is kinda like fantasy catholic France with elves! They've been locked in a war with dragons for a thousand years, and Estinien has some baggage from the war, and a vengeance streak a mile long. He's a prickly, grumpy dude who doesn't really like social interaction at all, what a joy! For those familiar, I took him just before his and the WoL's trek into The Aery!

For more info on this oversized cactus, you can watch this very in depth and super serious video about Estinien:

Anyhoo, I'm [plurk.com profile] ZornSable on plurk, feel free to add me! I'm also on Discord as Zanono#5772. I'm happy to be here and excited to play with you all <3
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no u
u stinky ELF

go eat some mana ugly
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Da fuq did I just watch. XDD

Hello and welcome! I may throw Ren at him to try and get him to (gasp) socialize!!

Or he'll just flirt at him all day, maybe. Same thing?
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Oh. I had no idea. I don't play FFXIV, soooo. Yeah. D:

That's cool! o/
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I don't know any of that either. o_o;; I'll have to look that up. (No wonder that I didn't think it was a joke.)

That's okay! Ren's just a (figurative; he's short as hell) big ball of lewd sunshine, soooo. Lots of /flirts aggressively-but-nicely!
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Looking it up, I think I've heard that before. o_o Er, the... source. The Trogdor thing. I just don't remember from where. I'll look up Strongbad later.

Yeah, Ren's just over a foot shorter than him! And not nearly as strong. The most he can do is lift his own body weight while climbing. XD

Edited to add: I found it. How weird. XD
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