rennotrin: (surprise)
Ren ([personal profile] rennotrin) wrote in [community profile] kingdomcomesooc2017-04-10 04:00 pm

+1 super kinky brat

Hello, hello! I'm Siv, and I bring Ren here from the depths of my brain! Issues with himself and some others aside, he's just the kinda guy who'd be happy to netflix and chill -- if there was netflix in this kingdom, anyway! He tends to prefer to take charge, but people who manage to get the upper hand on him are... well, pretty damn special.

Feel free to contact me at plurk at: [ profile] thekt! Ren's permissions and kinks list are here!

I'm always happy to plot things out first - just let me know who you are if you use plurk so I don't mistake you for a bot or something. :)

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