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Hello, sugar buns! Consider this the official ribbon cutting ceremony of the game, we’re open for business. Welcome to the game, everyone, we hope you enjoy yourselves. The intro log will go up tomorrow (April 9th) so be on the lookout for that sweet, sweet event info!

The CR meme will come around every month, usually coinciding with both the app cycle and the monthly event. It will serve as a place to post introductions, plot for events, discuss kinks and desired CR and add people to plurk or discord.

This month’s event will come in a few parts, we will post the rundown of what happens in your character’s first day here and you are welcome to play out some of it or use this post to handwave interactions and establish some CR. Be on the lookout for information about the opening event, The Festival of Foolsl! The arrival of the off-worlders coincides with a month long celebration of Fool’s Day, which is guaranteed to be lots of fun. Mandatory fun.

For this first month, we will not be posting any mini-quests for coins. This is because of the nature of the event and because we want you all to have a chance to get settled. Opportunities to earn coins may arise later in the month.

We have posted all of this information in a separate post for convenience, but you’re encouraged to plot here!

Fill out the information below in a comment, post it and tag around to your heart's content!

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John bro he's MET Slimer you know you want to socialize with all this
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I'd like to err away from 4th walling as much as I can, even if I'm the one doing it, so I don't know that it would come up! But it's a funny thought to be sure. :'D
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That's alright! Maybe just some talk about ghosts