heirlift: (pic#11163699)
John Egbert ([personal profile] heirlift) wrote in [community profile] kingdomcomesooc2017-04-07 10:58 am

it's ya eggboy, John

Hi all, I'm Tess and I am bringing in John "Homestuck" Egbert, the titular character of the popular webcomic. John is coming from the end of the credits, where he just turned 20 years old and technically his birthday is in a week but he will still be 20 years old regardless. Please wish him a happy birthday! I expect at least one penis cake. Thank you.

I can be contacted at [plurk.com profile] culling or on Discord as Tyrian#8117! (If you add me on Discord, just drop me a line to let me know who you are! Just so that I know you're a real person and not a spam bot.)

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