Jul. 15th, 2017

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Uh oh, seems some magic went awry. Looks like what’s in your pants is a little— or a lot different than it was a minute ago. Your beloved genitals have been swapped with another in the area.

How will you know who has yours?

A little game of hot and cold, of course. You’ll get hot and bothered to where you can’t ignore it anymore by the time you’re standing in front of the current carrier of your junk. Found it? Great!

Now you just have to get it back on your body. To do this, you will be tasked to stimulate your familiar set of genitals until the current owner comes, of course! Be sure to get one another off around the same time, or you may have to go on the hunt again.

—At least that’s what the quickly slinking away wizard tells you.

Seems your coffers have gotten a little empty. Good thing the local potion master will offer some coin for each draught you try. She claims she has gotten much too old to be trying new potions out on herself anyway.

Red: Touted as what is supposed to be a more powerful love potion, this will make the next person who sees you fall madly for you, so much so that they just want to be you. They will try desperately to talk you out of your clothes so that they may wear them.

Blue: Supposedly this potion allows the user to fly. Seems a little unevenly mixed… Upon consuming this you will begin to levitate, though primarily by a single limb or body part.

Green: A potion designed to help farmers; it will make unruly magical plants docile, even affectionate. This potion is perhaps too potent… The drinker will be utterly irresistible to plant-life. Hopefully you like them as much as they seem to like you.

Purple: The potion master promises more coin for this than the others. It seems to be a potion of compulsive truth-telling. Take a little too much and it will make you start exaggerating truths and feel unable to keep them to yourself!

Black: The crown jewel of the potions. Supposedly it makes the user stronger, faster, smarter, and all too eager to show it off! Seems as if the potion does not improve any individual quality, but it does instill a false sense of superiority and a hefty amount of exuberant arrogance.

There are great prizes for those with the courage to compete! So promises the Mistress, at least, and you’re desperate enough to believe her. You will be herded into the courtyard, paired up and ordered to strip. You may be worried, you may be excited— to learn that you are now competing in a three legged race with your partner. Hopefully you and your partner are on the same page with wanting to still compete. There’s certainly no do-overs on partners. Better get ready, the race is about to begin!


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