Apr. 30th, 2017

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Hello, everyone! Welcome to Kingdom Comes’ first AC post PLUS a little wrap up to the event. We’d like to thank everyone who has joined and participated in this game so far, we hope it will continue to grow into the bountiful sex paradise we always hoped it would.

Given that the game is currently ahem petite and still a growing thing, we have decided that this month’s AC will simply be a check in. That is to say, we want you to comment with your characters and one thread you are participating in, regardless of comment count. Please use the following form and reply to this post!


As for April's event, our heroes will not be unrewarded! The Funworm is vanquished by fun itself and as we know, it was the sultry and seductive duo that took it down. Both parties will be rewarded with 100 coins to do with what they will, but only the successful Ember and Rudy will win the true prize.


Just kidding, that would suck ass. Instead, they will be rewarded with an ornate, fabergé egg each. Each egg is decorated in a way that resembles the appearance and personality of its owner, both in colour and carvings.

Yes, you can sell it, but just listen to what it can do. Unbeknownst to the prize winners, the egg is full of secrets. The egg, when held a certain way, will vibrate. When left to its own devices, it will emit sensual, aphrodisiac-like perfumes. Holding it can improve confidence, virility and charm. It does a manner of small but “useful” things, of which we trust players to take liberties with.

In the aftermath, there isn’t a “celebration” of victory. In fact, partying is off the table for a while. People go back to their normal lives and now you can finally settle into the wonderful and dull routine of living...

...Until about a week from now, when we post the next event.


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