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[personal profile] frenzies2017-04-05 10:14 am

a misfit and a werewolf

HELLO my name is Jo and I am going to be your lovely helper mod here at Kingdom Comes! I also bring with me two miscreants lovely people: Alisha Daniels from the British E4 series Misfits, as well as Remus Lupin, Teen Wolf, of Harry Potter fame.

For those familiar with Misfits, Alisha is taken from s2e4, just after the death of Superhoodie (because who doesn't love trauma?). Remus is being taken after his graduation from Hogwarts, so he'll be 18 in-game, coming from living in London with Sirius and working odd jobs while he studies DaDA on the side. Why does Hogwarts not offer student teaching, honestly.

I'm available for friendship and plotting on Plurk at [plurk.com profile] gothbless, feel free to hit me up over there. I'm so excited to get this ball rolling!!
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sparklefox anime boy reporting for business

Hey everyone! I'm Naem and this is the first time I've ever been in a smut game so please pray for me but I really dig the Oglaf setting so hopefully everything will go well!

I'm bringing in an OC who likes to pretend his name is Kaphlar Kinra because fuck giving away basically any information about his real past. He's a narcissistic kitsune whose ego will hopefully get knocked down a notch or two as soon as he figures out that he's powerless here, and I hope he gets owned every day because he deserves it. His permissions post is here, and I'll probably throw in an opt-out thing when I put up his HMD because honestly, he can be kind of obnoxious on an IC level and I understand not wanting to deal with that.

Anyhow, it's nice to meet you all! Feel free to add me on Plurk over at [plurk.com profile] mistytpednaem, I'm pretty shy but I like to make friends. o7