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+1 cinnamon roll, too good for this sin

Hi there, my name is Asher, here with someone who... probably would be better off in a webcomic based around fluffy pillows and cuddling. The quick and dirty (and somewhat spoiler-y) version is that Angel was once imprisoned and by her father to unlock an alien super weapon. Dad liked to keep a tight leash on her, so she's not even sure how to curse, let alone do the dirty.

My hope is to explore Angel coming into herself, and moving past all the things that her father said were bad or taboo. Hopefully, that's where all of you come in!

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys and plotting things out. You can reach me through PM here, or at my plurk [plurk.com profile] Ashstriferous. My permissions page can be found here!
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+1 ghostly rockstar

YO YO YO my name is Lepo, I'm a sucker for trash smut, and I think I know some of you guys! But more importantly, here's an asshole rock-star. Ember McLain is one of the (many) ghost villains from Danny Phantom, but does manage to be one of the more interesting ones in terms of personality/motif. She's kind of an asshole rockstar who likes to hypnotize people with music and screw around with their emotions, so there's that. She is affable, though, and maybe this'll help soften her up a little bit? Maybe? Who knows?

Her permissions can be found here, and you can feel free to add or hit me up on plurk at [plurk.com profile] lepowned!

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Glad to be here! Egon is a character I've recently picked up, playing him here and in Ryslig!

My name is CJ, I'm here to try just about anything, and feel free to add me on plurk!