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Apr. 25th, 2017 03:42 pm
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This is a placeholder. But, I'm down with everything just about. Kinklist forthcoming.

Offensive subjects:

Hugging this character:
Kissing this character:
Flirting with this character:
Fighting with this character:
Injuring this character:
Killing this character:
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character:
Kink list: OPTIONAL. You can either make one yourself and use a website like []

Application for Kingdom Come

Apr. 25th, 2017 02:32 am
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Name: Oli
Timezone: EST
Personal Journal: none
Player Contact: horsechiffon @ plurk
Characters in Game: none

Name: Aymeric de Borel
Canon: Final Fantasy XIV
Age: 32
Suitability: Aymeric would learn to function well enough. Though he’s from a stuffy pseudo-catholic elven society, he’s pretty adaptable. The news would come as an absolute shock, but through grit and level-headed determination, he would find which was was up. He would treat the people around him with politeness and caution, as any seasoned politician would. He would do all that he could to maintain his dignity, but eventually let his own desires slip once he became comfortable.
Species: Elezen- Essentially a tall elf with a fairly long lifespan.
Canon Point: Post 3.3- Most current update as of April 2017
Personality: Aymeric is a pragmatic idealist. He is driven by his need to protect people and uncover truth. The truth of his own blood-family and the history of his nation were shrouded in secrecy for a very long time. This was the initial thing that drove him climb ranks in the military, but he found more reasons as he went. He has no love for power struggles or bloodshed, and by placing himself at the highest office of the military, it affords him the power to put ideas into policy.

He is religious, as is typical for his people, but he also approaches his faith pragmatically. He has read the scriptures closely, finding discrepancies in how his countrymen act in their fervor and what the purpose of the scripture is. Though he will solemnly make sacrifices and take risks, he does so under calculation. He will not endanger the lives of his people recklessly where others typically would. He views each life as precious and equal to his own, willingly going into combat when needed.

He is known as kind, but practical, humble, but competitive. He is a very keen fellow, paying attention to the people, details, and situations surrounding him. He admires strength, courage, and sacrifice for the common good. He is loyal to his country, his soldiers, and his people. He will step up to the plate to make intensely difficult decisions. When his closest, long time friend posed imminent threat to the city, he was willing to make the sacrifice of killing him.

Though he can come off as cold at first, it is possible to earn his favor and friendship, which he expresses warmly and freely. He is very honest about his emotions, and sometimes allows this to hijack his better reason. He does not hold grudges easily because he has an open mind, a willingness to understand complex situations, and the ability to restructure his understanding of his world.

Although he holds the highest office and has access to the finest foods and luxury, often does not indulge because he knows his men cannot have these things. He allows himself one simple luxury: birch syrup for his morning tea. In turn, his soldiers respect him immensely and their morale is often salvaged by his choices.

Aymeric is a person who takes responsibility and works very, very hard. As a result, he rarely sees his own home. He also seems to have a penchant for wine as he confidently asks the player-character to drink with him. Once they do drink, he has three enormous goblets of it- and keeps his wits fully about him. Later when he sees the player-character again, he offers wine though it is ostensibly midday and he is absolutely still on duty.

For all that he is about duty, honor, truth, and valor, he also knows that the small things in life are what make life worth living. He has drinks with his friends, he puts syrup in his tea as a small indulgence, and he holds dearly to his friends and allies. He's very thoughtful and intellectual at heart, but has adapted to his cruel circumstances over the years. As a result, he is difficult to be shocked into inaction.

Abilities/Weaknesses: He is proficient in archery and swordsmanship. In the midst of battle, his opponents comment that his endurance is unreal. He is charismatic and very handsome, which others have noted in their compliance with his requests. However, he can be very naive in his pursuit of his ideals and wind up in trouble. He tends to want to do everything himself and finds it difficult to fully turn others down. This leads to him overworking himself and placing himself in prone positions. He cares too much for his own good, and has only been spared out of sheer luck. He can be bull-headed and ignore very good advice when he gets an idea in his head.

RP Samples:
Unfortunate erotica reading

It was nearly morning again when Aymeric got back home. After the day he had, he decided that the straw-filed mattresses in the barracks would not simply cut it. He closed his eyes tight for a moment as he trudged home, picturing the glass of wine he would pour for himself. He nearly tripped up the stairs as he crossed out of the hellish cold into his hearth-warmed home.

He gazed dumbly at the clock in his foyer for a moment, trying to understand that it was truly almost five. He was startled out of his daze by a loud, pleading meow. He looked down at his cat, and his cat back at him. It let out another creaky meow as Aymeric made his way to the kitchen. He was sure his manservant would have fed Lord Byron…

It would be worse if the cat went hungry, he decided. He pulled a slab of game bird from his ice box and slapped it on the counter with less coordination than usual. He pulled a knife from its drawer and made quick work cubing a breast. He slid the meat into a little bowl and served it to his feline companion. He grinned at his fat, ancient cat as it scarfed down its supper.

“Full glad I am that you haven’t changed at all, Lord Byron. A man needs his constants,” his eyes drifted to the heavy wooden door in the middle of the kitchen.

He would brave the spiral staircase. It was for a good cause, after all. He pulled the door open and descended the terrifying set of stone stairs. He realized too late that he had not brought a candle flame, deciding instead to grope for was nearest to the bottom of the stairs. As he made it back up to his kitchen, he felt his legs begin to fail him. How long had be been awake parsing documents and proposals?

He popped the cork and looked at the bottle for a quiet moment before convincing himself to get a goblet. He had not slipped so far as to drink from the bottle. He pulled a metal goblet from his cupboard, the thing feeling much heavier than it ever had. He shrunk down to the floor, overcome with exhaustion. He poured himself a glass in his dimly-lit kitchen, savoring it briefly before he passing out on the stone floor.


Apr. 17th, 2017 02:28 pm
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Backtagging: Yes!
Threadhopping: Yes if discussed in advance.
Fourthwalling: Please ask first.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Everything's fine with me. Just send me a PM or Plurk if you wish to discuss.


Hugging this character: Go ahead but he may push you away if he doesn't like you.
Kissing this character: Go for it.
Flirting with this character: He lives to flirt. Give his ego a real stroke.
Fighting with this character: Yes. He loves a good fight.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Go for it.
Killing this character: Discuss first please but why not?
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Give it a go.
Kinks: Ardyn is pretty much into anything except poop play/urine etc and pissing. Anything to do with waste basically. If you wish to discuss a kink you can always contact me first.


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