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+1 Mischief Maker

Hello Kingdom Comes! I'm Einir, and I'm bringing Sirius Black from the Maurader's Era into this trashfire! He is probably going to be in trouble more often than not, but he's fun and charming and not terribly picky about who he flirts with, so.

I'm moxana on plurk and moxana#4430 on discord, and I made a permissions page with a kink list for this dweeb!

Come let me love y'all down.
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Sirius! He's my favourite character from all of HP. Just brilliant!

I'm Linden and I play Ardyn Izunia from FFXV. Nice to meet you!
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I'm sure you will ^-^

Don't worry. Ardyn is just this sleazy trashlord Chancellor who is too sexy for his own good.