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Simon Bellamy | Misfits

Name: Simon Bellamy
Canon: Misfits
Age: 19
Position: Guard, so he's regained his invisibility (voyeurism anyone?)
Mini Bio: Simon is a very soft spoken, meek sort of guy. He can blend into the background very well, if he's not careful, which ties into his ability to turn invisible. Despite being shy, he's very earnest and kind and really enjoys making friends. He's a nice guy, but from time to time he can be a little perverse since his curiosity gets the better of him.

He's ruthless when he has something to prove, so don't get between him and his friends.
CR wanted: Friends, of course. Simon is desperate for them. I'm sure he'll develop many, many crushes. His preference is women, but persuasion could take place. I am also happy for people to pick on him since he's used to it.
Kink List/Permissions: Permissions, kink list is in the works. Again, I'm not against much so please hit me up if you aren't sure.
Anything else?:

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