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John Egbert ([personal profile] heirlift) wrote in [community profile] kingdomcomesooc 2017-04-09 01:25 am (UTC)

Name: Tess
Preferred Contact: [plurk.com profile] culling | Discord: Tyrian#8117 | Or PM!
Anything else: GMT - 8, tagging is sporadic since my schedule can be kind of weird.

Name: John Egbert
Canon: Homestuck
Age: 20
Position: Guard
Mini Bio: He's a good egg, Brent. John is a friendly dude who's usually pretty easy-going and friendly. He's more trusting than not as long as someone seems nice, and he's a pretty suggestible fellow so he'll go along with most things. He's also been a sad egg lately, though, so he's got a lot of Feelings coming into this.
CR wanted: I'm hoping to focus on building some positive CR to start with. His mood's been pretty down as of his canon point, so some friends he can lean on and he can get off on the right foot. He's also very, very much a virgin, please be gentle. (Don't be gentle.)
Kink List/Permissions: kink list/permissions
Anything else?: You know you want a piece of this.

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