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Name: Asher
Preferred Contact: [ profile] Ashstriferous
Anything else: Pacific time zone!

Name: Angel
Canon: Borderlands
Age: early twenties
Position: Apprentice
Mini Bio: Effectively a princess locked away in a tower for most of her life, and then died. Has no idea how to do the sex, so being presented with a metric fuck-ton of sexy things is probably going to be overwhelming for her. Probably will really like sugar so give her a cookie. Like a real cookie, not a sexy one.

Or show her a boob, I dare you.

CR wanted: Anyone who can/will challenge her world view, positively or negatively. Tell her that bad people run the world, or that her hair looks ridiculous. Or, be her friend and help her trust people.

Seriously, show her a boob. She'll probably faint and it'll be funny.
Kink List/Permissions: Welcome to Kink Town // Next stop permissions land
Anything else?:


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